An easy, free and simple way to shop for business Internet, Phone and TV service. There's an app for that. 

100+ National Carriers to shop

Based on serviceabiity and carrier availability. Simply enter you address and sevices needed, then we'll find th best options to choose from.

Bundle the Services you need

Only include the sevices you need for your business and compare the best options based on price and internet speed.

Save time and focus on your business

Stop wasting time on hold and going back and forth with the big cable/phone providers. Choose an option and order through our platform with no hassle.

Save money

We are paid by the carrier so there's no markup in our pricing. Carriers pay us up to 24% of the monthly billing. For most bundles, we split that savings with you.

Our Team Works for You

Let's us do the work you hate to do. In most cases and at no additional cost to you, we can negotiate a better rate for your internet, phone and TV service with your current carrier.

This means more money for you bottom line.

We'll even simplify your billing so you're not confused every month with carrier invoicing. With Mitech, you experience the same billing amount every month.


Streamline your IT and Telecom with Mitech, saving your company time and money. Shop, Order and Get tech Support all in one place, no matter what carrier.


We're one of the few telco/cable apps that allows you to take your fully-functional telecom price shopping on the road with you: PC, mobile, tablet, and beyond!

Customizable Views

Optimize your experience for each search so that you can determine which providers will best fit your company's needs..  

Cloud-Based Technology

As a cloud-based platform, all of our results are pulled directly from each carrier. This means updated and accurate information so you can make the best decision for your business.

More Integrations

With over 200 integrations from multiple providers nationwide, you have the right information at your fingertips to stay abreast of your company's telecom, internet and cable options..

Getting on board has never been so simple:


Enter your company address to discover which carriers are available in your area.


Choose which services (Internet, Phone, TV) you want to shop and compare.


Choose a bundle option from the available carriers.

"Mitech Partners makes the hassle of dealing with faceless internet providers a thing of the past! They are a pleasure to work with and can typically save clients $$$ each month on fast business-class internet, phone, and TV service."

Daniel Yusi | MTG Technology Group

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