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40+ Location Healthcare Company engages Mitech to simplify telecom

  • BCP previously ran telecom (internet/voice) through an aggregator 
  • BCP initially engaged Mitech to handle TV Service at 2 locations only
  • Mitech placed order and oversaw installs for TV Service in record time. BCP then added 20+ locations within 3 months.
  • BCP then engaged Mitech to take over internet service at some locations, one by one as the contracts ended from existng carrier.
  • Mitech streamlines orders, quoting and support through BCP IT Department with efficiency for a one-stop shop approach
  • Mitech Provides One-Call Support, no matter which carrier has an issue
  • 24/7/365 Support all services installed
  • Mitech Provides SINGLE BILLING so client receives One Bill and not 2-4 different bills per location from providers
  • Provide total support for client with internet, voice and TV service via toll-free number or
  • Mitech serves as the 'Telecom Department as a Service' and is the go-to for onging BCP acquisitons


Are you a Mitech Partner yet?

MitechPartners™ is an industry leader for a reason. Everything we do is designed to increase residual income for you, our customer. We've helped hundreds of Partners enroll telecom and cable customers from California to Florida. So we know what we're doing.

Free Back Office Quoting Tool

Our tools help Partners quote many telecom solutions in SECONDS. Wow your customers with quick responses and a consultative approach.

Satellite TV Options  

Our Directv Dealership is one of the most aggressive satellite sales agencies in the country. We have commercial satellite customers ranging in multiple industries like US Army, ReMax and Hotel properties. 

Marketing Coach

Need assistance getting the word out about your company? We have mastered the skill of attracting attention to our campaigns and generating inbound calls through online funnel marketing. 

Engineers that help close your deals

Working on a large enterprise opportunity? We have engineers who will help design and close large deals. Let us know what you're working on and we'll get our folks on the case in conjunction with you.

When You Sign Up As A Sales Partner, You'll Get:

  • All of the features and tools listed above 
  • One-to-One Support on any deal you're working on
  • Access to all 100+ carriers represented by Mitech in addition to other essential services like Tier One Suppport and Single Billing for multi-location oportunities
  • Upfront or Residual Income on all active business customers you refer to us 
  • Commissions on all customers who sign up for Internet, Phone or TV service through Mitech 

"Mitech has a true competitive advantage."

Mitech has a true competitive advantage. Bill McCleskey and his team provide the fastest, most reliable, and affordable options when it comes to your home and business internet/phone needs. I have personally known Bill - the founder- for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with him for the past year. The team at Mitech are true professionals in every sense of the word.

Nick Beehan

"They are a pleasure to work with..."

Mitech Partners makes the hassle of dealing with faceless internet providers a thing of the past! They are a pleasure to work with and can typically save clients $$$ each month on fast business-class internet, phone, and TV service. Keep up the great work.

Daniel Yusi

"Mitech has done a great job meeting these needs."

We enjoy working with Mitech Partners. Being an IT service company in the Middle Tennessee area, we have a number of customers that are in need of quality Internet Service Providers (ISP's). Mitech has done a great job in meeting these needs.

Kenny Beverley, Twins Technologies

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MitechPartners™ is an industry leader for a reason. Everything we do is designed to increase your residual income for you, our customer. We've helped hundreds of partners process customers from California to Florida and everywhere in between. So we know what we're doing.

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